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Empowering & Educating women to prioritise their health and wellness.


Transform debilitating symptoms of fatigue, weight gain, brain fog & overwhelm into vitality and joy!


Living your fullest potential with passion, motivation & connection!

Happy Female Gardener

Reclaim your
Health & Vitality

Are your Hormones running the show?

Are you experiencing symptoms of
hormonal imbalance;
Fatigue, Brain Fog, Weight Gain, Sleep Disturbance, Anxiety, Overwhelm, Menstrual Issues & Mood Swings....?
Are you ready to reclaim your centre
and step back in control of your life?



Hormone and thyroid imbalance affects so many women, causing debilitating symptoms. Standardised medical testing and treatment is limited when it comes to effective treatment and restoring balance. 

Functional testing and individualised natural treatment can give you the answers you deserve....

You can restore your hormone balance & reclaim your joy and vitality!

Hi I'm Rachel,

I educate and empower women on hormone health, to transform symptoms of fatigue, weight gain and overwhelm in to joy, passion and vitality.


I had an undiagnosed thyroid condition for a number of years that did not get detected by standardised GP testing. I understand the struggles and debilitating symptoms that come with an under-active thyroid and adrenal fatigue.

Functional testing gave me the answers, to why I was experiencing these symptoms and from there I was able to support my health with the correct treatment,

this was life changing!

It is my mission to support all women experiencing these debilitating symptoms, as I believe, it is so important for all women to be connected and present within their lives, experiencing joy and vitality, to live their full potential and enrich their relationships.

As an experienced Naturopath and educator of over 20 years, I have developed highly successful transformational programs and treatment protocols to re-balance hormones and support your individual needs to be the:

Happier and Healthier YOU!

After working and supporting thousands of clients to transform their health, including 4 years with The Lucy Rose Clinic as a thyroid specialist, I have developed the intuition and clinical skills necessary, for you to break free from old patterns and limiting beliefs and reclaim your personal power, to create the life you LOVE! 

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