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Feminine EmbodimentRetreat

A deep dive into the mysteries of the feminine consciousness, with 

3 Full days of Sacred connection, soulful nourishment & feminine embodiment practices to:


Reclaim your primordial feminine power.


Re-weave your wild feminine essence & Sacred feminine embodiment into the fabric of your life.


Feel Refreshed, Renewed, Re-aligned & Restored


A deep remembrance of who you truly are!!


Heal - Awaken - Ignite

This 3 day retreat is from Thurs 23rd to Sun 26th May 2024, on the magical, healing lands of Dwellingup.......

A descent back into your body, your feelings and full feminine embodiment.

An immersive soulful experience weaving together Sacred embodiment practices, including:


  • Awakening the Sacred Gateways within your body temple

  • Journeying the Feminine Medicine Wheel and Embodying the Elements within you

  • Dragon Shakti Breathing -  Feminine conscious connected breath-work practice

  • Sacred Movement and Shakti Dance

  • The Ancient Medicine of Story

  • Creativity Workshops

  • Shamanic Journey

  • Sacred Ceremony

Celebrate yourself, Initiate yourself, Awaken your Womb!

This is a journey, a Sacred pilgrimage, awakening your deep innate wisdom, connecting you with the web of life and bringing you into your feminine empowerment & embodiment.

This retreat will hold you and support you to:

Feel centred, clearer and calmer

Release & shed shadow patterns that no longer serve your life

Feel a deeper connection with your body, your natural feminine cycles and inner rhythms


Heal your womb cellular imprints, sexual receptivity & pleasure pathways


Awaken your confidence & strengthen healthy boundaries for healthy relationships


Open to the flow of life force & Shakti energy within your body


Ignite your passion & connect with your Soul purpose

Attract & Feel the true abundance & bounty of life


Reconnect to the depth of your soul & the web of life


Deepen your relationship with yourself & opening to the frequency of Sacred Union


Remembrance of your inner wisdom and feminine intuition 

Sisterhood Connections

Deep Soulful Nourishment



This is the medicine and healing balm of the feminine consciousness,

calling the world back into balance!!

Can you hear the call?


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Let's dive into the oceanic depths of the feminine dimensions over this expansive Full Moon in Sagittarius.......

Thursday 23rd May to Sun 26th May 2024

Nestled within the majestic jarrah forest on the healing lands of Noble River Estate, Dwellingup.

We will be completely immersed and secluded within this 34 acre estate, with 6 cosy chalets and Temple space.

3 Full days of Sacred connection, practices and embodiment with accomodation and all delicious nourishing meals included, with all dietary requirement catered for.

Massage available at additional cost

We have 

Private room with a double or queen bed and shared bathroom


2 Single beds in a shared room (max. 2 people) left available

Payment is required in full prior to the commencement of the retreat

To secure your booking - contact - Rachel at

Accomodation Details:

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Who is this Retreat for 

This retreat is for ALL women

All women, who wish to connect deeply with their feminine centre, awaken the wisdom that resides within, open & surrender into the feminine flow of life...


This is your Divine birth-rite

And the time is now dear Sister

To reclaim your feminine power

This is a deep remembrance and re-weaving of your feminine wisdom


It is time to re-connect and celebrate the great blessing of being a women, the power of your body, your feelings and emotions.... 

 Let us celebrate within our Sisterhood community

Your womb is filled with creative birthing power,

the powers of release and renewal

Let us re-birth together!!


Benefits of Sacred connection and Feminine Embodiment practices:

  •  Healing from past trauma.

  •  Awakened sexual energy.

  •  Enlivened creativity and fertility.

  •  Connection to feminine flow.

  •  Clear decision making. 

  •  Clear boundaries, energetically, emotionally, physically, sexually,   spiritually. 

  •  Cleared old energy from past lovers. 

  •  Menstrual/Menopause balance. 

  •  Attraction of healthy relationships.

  •  Increased libido.

  • Healing and awakening. 


Each day will incorporate a different aspect of your journey - your descent into the depths of your feminine consciousness from which you will return feeling deeply restored & renewed...... 
Your journey will be beautifully balanced with Sacred movement, in depth healing workshops, free time for integration, feminine creative arts and Scared ceremony.....

Here is an outline for a typical day:

7.30am - 8.30am - Sacred Movement (For all levels)

8.30 - 9.30am - Breakfast

9.30am - 12pm Morning Workshop - Journeying the Medicine Wheel or Dragon Shakti breathing

12pm - 1pm - Lunch

1pm - 4pm - Break (Remedial massage available)

4pm - 6pm - Afternoon Workshop - Feminine creative arts

6pm - 7pm - Dinner

7.30pm - 9pm - Sacred Ceremony


Meet your facilitators


Rachel Deering Bsc Hons
Hi, I am Rachel and I have always been deeply inspired by the healing arts since a very young age. My journey began with my Herbal medicine degree in London in 1997 and became the owner operator of a busy clinic space after an apprenticeship with an Elder Herbalist in 2002.

From here I embarked on many years of shamanic studies, breath-work training and womb awakening. I have been blessed with many incredible teachers and have dived into the depths of my own edges along the journey.  Embodying the medicine I love to share with my Sisters for their healing journey - their remembrance of who they truly are!!!

This is my passion and life's work - in service of the Divine feminine - to anchor her in to my womb and here on Earth to re-create the Sacred balance of our world. and to hold space and share this powerful medicine with other women.
I would like to acknowledge one of my beautiful teachers, Nat Love of The Institute of Feminine Arts for her love, support and guidance along my journey .and for entrusting me as an affiliate teacher within her Institute.
This work has come from the lineage and great works of Seren and Azra Bertrand - authors of 'Womb Awakening' and 'The Magdalene Mysteries', the creators of Womb Awakening....
It is my absolute privilege to guide you into the depths of this powerful Womb Work....


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Suz Phillis

My name is Suz, I am a dedicated student of yoga and have been teaching for nearly 10 years. I pinch myself each day for the opportunity to hold space and offer seva (selfless service) to the community.


My embodiment practice is inspired by my beautiful teachers Shiva Rea & Delamay Devi, my classes boast living in the rhythm and flow of nature; blended with energetic alignment, somatic movement, bhakti, tantra and Ayurveda.


I am passionate about women gathering and resuming the lost of art of sharing life experiences & stories. Women are the creators of life, women who gather radiate a powerful influence of harmony in our family, community and earth. Being a creatrix for as long as I can remember I have found healing through the arts, I love combining art as therapy and circles as a portal of healing.


It’s a privilege to offer feminine movement, creative art workshops and sound healing on our Feminine Embodiment Retreat, alongside Rachel. 


Hey Loves, I’m Meegan.

I am the studio manager for Beachside Pilates and Yoga Wellness Centre, a role I was unknowingly destined for since joining Suz as a yoga student back in 2017.

My background is simply in life itself, having weathered a million storms, I am here to hold space for those who need safe passage to weather their own.

In a sense, I am the studio Mother, always here for those who need the right words, a listening ear or just a bit of easy humour.

And I am also the retreat Mother, nourishing bodies and souls with my delicious foods, abundant laughs, and strong yet gentle, grounded support.

I am a deep and sensitive Cancerian Sun with a great passion for astrology and a dream to become an astrologer myself someday.

I value peace and connection, and nothing brings me more joy than being of service and in bond with other women, lifting and rising together.

It is my pleasure and honor to be accompanying Rachel and Suz and supporting them on this beautiful Feminine Embodiment Retreat.

Bettina Steed our experienced senior Remedial Massage Therapist has over 10 years experience in the industry.

She is highly skilled in her field and provides treatments in Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release Techniques, Lymphatic Drainage, Scar Therapy and Hot Stone Massage, to name but a few.

On retreat Bettina provides you with a private, comfortable space ensuring you truly relax and unwind. Her treatments are a beautiful accompaniment to this wonderful weekend.

She books up fast so be sure to get on her list soon.

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