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Seven Step Goddess Awakening Journey


A Conscious and Connected journey into the Feminine Mysteries!

Exploring one of the seven Inner Chakra Goddesses each month, to Awaken and Embody all the facets of the Goddess within.

We will connect with each archetypal aspect of the Divine feminine through


🌹 In person Sacred Ceremony


🌹 Workbook with guided questions to journal, to explore the light, shadow and personal lessons within each archetypal energy

Supporting you to journey deeply with each Chakra Goddess, to fully integrate and consciously anchor and embody the strengths each archetype unveils within you.


Let's journey together to reawaken the archetypal aspects of the Divine Feminine and anchor their gifts and strengths in to the very fabric of our being.


Come & be held in a Safe and Sacred Container with a community of Sisters, for a deep immersion and exploration of your inner landscapes, through the Sacred practices of:


🌹 Movement/Dance
🌹 Mudra and Mantra
🌹 Meditation
🌹 Shamanic journey
🌹 Sacred Ceremony
🌹 The ancient medicine of Story
🌹 Sacred Circle sharing


This powerful journey will allow you to;


🌹 Heal & release past traumas

🌹 Explore and release shadow patterns & limiting beliefs


🌹 To deeply embody the gifts of the feminine archetypes within you

🌹 To understand the Scared symbolic language of archetypal energies


🌹 Feel strong, empowered & embodied


🌹 Come into deep presence within your body


🌹 Release self doubt and step into clarity & self trust


🌹 Release low self-esteem and step into unconditional self love


🌹 Release people pleasing and strengthen your boundaries


🌹 Honour your feminine wisdom & intuitive knowing


🌹 These are the gifts of your true feminine power!!


Are you ready for........

🌹 Transformation, Healing and Wholeness

🌹 Sacred Sisterhood Connections within an intimate circle space

🌹 Joyful reconnection, awakening and embodiment of your divine feminine essence

🌹 Rejuvenation, Expansion and Empowerment

On a Saturday evening from 6 - 8pm for Seven months from Feb - Sept through 2023

All journalling and daily practices to be completed in the comfort of your own home and will deepen your experience within Ceremony.....

We will gather in Sacred ceremony to deeply explore & embody each inner chakra goddess:


Saturday 4th Feb (Full Moon) – Muladhara, Root Chakra – Wild Woman – Lilith
Saturday 11th March – Svadhisthana, Sacral Chakra – Beautiful Muse – Aphrodite
Saturday 8th April (Full Moon) – Manipura, Solar Plexus Chakra – Golden Heroine – Athena
Saturday 20th May (New Moon) – Anahata, Heart Chakra – Earth Empress – Demeter
Saturday 8th July – Vissudhu, Throat Chakra – Medicine Women – Artemis
Saturday 29th July (Full Moon) – Ajna, Brow Chakra – Wise woman – Hecate
Saturday 2nd September (Full Moon) – Sahasrara, Crown Chakra – High Priestess – Isis


Beachside yoga and pilates wellness centre, Singleton


To be committed to the entire journey including all Seven Ceremonies - $288 upfront payment in full or you can come to each ceremony on a casual basis at $44 each

Limited to 18 spaces!

Rachel Deering Bsc Hons
Hi, I am Rachel and I have always been deeply inspired by the healing arts since a very young age. My journey began with my Herbal medicine degree in London in 1997 and became the owner operator of a busy clinic space after an apprenticeship with an Elder Herbalist in 2002.

From here I embarked on many years of shamanic studies, breath-work training and womb awakening. I have been blessed with many incredible teachers and have dived into the depths of my own edges along the journey.  Embodying the medicine I love to share with my Sisters for their healing journey - their remembrance of who they truly are!!!

This is my passion and life's work - in service of the Divine feminine - to anchor her in to my womb and here on Earth to re-create the Sacred balance of our world. and to hold space and share this powerful medicine with other women.

It is my absolute privilege and pleasure to hold space for you and to guide you into the depths of this powerful feminine space within!!

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