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Getting Beyond FATIGUE!!

Many people experience symptoms of poor function, or sub-optimal function, of our thyroid gland or our adrenals, for a long, long, time before they're actually picked up by standard blood tests. What are your symptoms telling you?

"I just wish I had found Rachel years ago!! The Dr told me my thyroid was “fine” and I needed antidepressants. Thorough thyroid testing, showed that I have hypothyroidism, it was so empowering to know WHY I had been feeling so exhausted and to get some answers, instead of feeling fobbed off. By taking my prescribed supplements and following the food guide, I am healing my gut and restoring health! Amazingly within weeks I started seeing results- weight loss, mood stability, more energy... I’m a month and a half into the treatment, and I am so happy with the results so far." - H.L

So, why does the GP say I'm 'normal'?

I hear this every single day in my clinic.

Many people experience symptoms of poor function, or sub-optimal function, of our thyroid gland or our adrenals, for a long, long, time before they're actually picked up by standard blood tests.

That's because standard testing is all about diagnosing diseases. However, you can be on the road to a disease for years, living with many of the symptoms, and experiencing poor health. Or you can do something about it.

If you're tired all the time, struggling to fall asleep or restless during the night, feeling irritable, pushing through brain fog or, no matter what you eat or how much exercise you do, you just can't shift the weight, you could very well have a thyroid imbalance causing it ALL!

The key is discovering the sub-optimal imbalances BEHIND the symptoms. If you have a symptom, there will be a reason. And if your doctor told you your results are all normal, then you most likely have sub-optimal issues that require a different type of testing to understand. That is where functional testing comes in......

Got questions? No worries, we have a free introductory phone consultation service available where you can talk directly to me about your health issues and concerns!



One of my clients story - Wendy - age 48 years.

Her symptoms were terrible, but her GP was saying that everything was 'normal.' She was just managing to work full-time, but her life was on hold due to her health.

  • Energy rating - 0. She would drag herself out of bed after hitting snooze at least 3 times every morning. Waking was actually a physical and mental effort.

  • Diet - fast food and take away. Wendy was barely getting out of bed, she definitely didn't have enough energy to cook!

  • Brain fog. She found her thinking was slow, she was losing her train of thought mid-sentence, and her output at work was half what it used to be.

  • Home life. Her life had become eat-sleep-work, rinse and repeat. There was no room for joy, she just didn't have the energy for it. She would get home and have a nap, wake briefly for dinner, watch a little bit of television, and then go straight back to bed. She was barely present in her own home and it had become a huge strain on her family relationships.

  • Sleep. Wendy was sleeping like a log... and still waking exhausted.

  • Stress. Everything was stressful. Wendy said that any expectation placed on her seemed like a massive burden, she was struggling with anxiety and depression, and said she felt regularly overwhelmed for no reason. She felt like she was going mad.

Wendy's Treatment Plan

Wendy's body was really out of balance, even though her GP said she was fine.

Her thyroid was on the verge of being considered serious enough to register on standard tests - but that it would have likely been another year before she received ANY medication.

So we began prescribing bio-identical thyroid medications to support her thyroid function.

We worked together with her GP to discover the missing pieces to her puzzle and the REAL reason she wasn't feeling well.

After just three months of correct treatment, Wendy began to see results!

We worked with key supplements to address all the key imbalances going on in her body, from nutritional deficiencies, adrenal imbalance, along with essential thyroid support. We worked with Drs in the US to prescribe essential thyroid medications to lift up her thyroid function. This is essential for some clients, who need additional thyroid support beyond natural supplementation.

Today her symptoms look like this:

Energy: 8-9/10

Stress: No longer overly affected by minor setbacks, Wendy says she rolls with the punches.

Sleep: Waking easily! Wendy even reported that she often wakes just before her alarm and has started getting up and going for a walk before breakfast.

For the first time in years, Wendy is spending time with her husband, doing activities with her family, and seeing her friends again.

She has her life back.

Check your thyroid!

If you're dealing with more than three of these, it might be time to get further testing:

  • Tiredness & sluggishness.

  • Dryer hair or skin.

  • Sleeping more than usual.

  • Weaker muscles.

  • Constant feeling of cold.

  • Worsening memory - brain fog.

  • Puffy eyes.

  • Difficulty with math.

  • Gaining weight easily.

  • Outer third of eyebrows sparse.

  • Clumsy - unsteady gait.

  • Irregular periods.

  • Carpal tunnel.

  • Heart rate fluctuations

Is it time to stop ignoring your symptoms and finally address your fatigue levels, let's talk....I offer a complete online or in-clinic service!!!

Get your Vitality Back - Book today!!

In your ultimate health & wellness, Rachel, Clinical Naturopath


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