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The Kitchen Witch

 Herbalism for Home Use

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Who Are We

The Kitchen Witch 
9 week online course

This vibrant multi-media online course is infused with a plant centred approach to herbal medicine. Giving you the foundation, skills and confidence to begin growing and connecting with medicinal plants and creating your own home made remedies and abundant apothecary for the treatment of common ailments.

The course consists of 6 online units; covering 5 major body systems; with a closer look at the various physical ailments and imbalances that effect each system, along with the qualities, actions and therapeutics of the 10 - 12 specific herbs to treat the ailments within each body system.

We will explore the emotional, energetic and magical properties of the herbs.

We will cover a total of 70 herbs throughout the course.


Each unit contains detailed information, through your workbooks and video lessons for you to develop a deep connection with the plants and understanding of their medicinal qualities.

Each unit contains activities for the creation of your own medicinal herb garden and to begin creating your own home made remedies and herbal apothecary. 


We will have herbal manufacturing projects within each unit to get creative with remedy making.

By the end of the course you will have created your own home dispensary of key remedies for you and your family. With an emphasis on connection and ceremony for medicine making.


You will understand the main herbal preparations; infusions, decoctions, tinctures, oils, honeys, syrups and salves. Information on safety and dosages. 


6 Units covered over 9 weeks commences on;

Saturday 3rd February 2024 and completes on Saturday 6th April 2024


Course delivery - 6 Herbal Medicine Units delivered over 9 weeks, including:


  • Self paced: Video lessons, printable pdf workbook, packed full of information and activities


  • 7 live Zoom calls - with Sam & Rachel for in depth guidance and support, along with herbal interaction through connection activities guidance to understand the qualities of specific herbs from your starter kits


  • Private FB group for us to create community support for our journey - this will be packed full of inspiration, support and guidance throughout


  • Access to Samantha and Rachel throughout the course and an extra 3 weeks after the completion of the course for additional support, as you build your kitchen witch skills.

The course will require a minimum of 6 hours study time per unit, to get the most from the course






This educational, inspiring and supportive course will provide you all the information and confidence you need to:

  • Build a deep and lasting relationship with the plants

  • Understand the major underlying imbalances occurring within key body systems and common ailments and how to treat them with home made herbal remedies

  • Knowledge of the qualities and therapeutic actions of 70 herbs

  • Grow your own medicinal herb garden and how and when to harvest your plants

  • Use teas, decoctions, tinctures, syrups, honeys, infused oils and ointments to address common ailments at home.

  • Build up your own home medicine chest filled with home made natural remedies

  • Treat yourself and family with home made remedies from your own herb garden


Early Bird offer until 30th Sept 2023: $777 - payment plans available - for more info CLICK HERE


Course content:


Unit 1: Introduction to Herbal Medicine:

Introduction to herbal history and philosophy

Traditional medicine systems: Ayurveda and Traditional

Chinese Medicine

Flower essences

The doctrine of Signatures

Herbal preparations: infusions, decoctions, honeys, syrups, tinctures, infused oils and ointments

The use of ritual and ceremony in herbal medicine making

Building relationships with the plants

Key herbal constituents, their qualities and therapeutic action in the body


Activities; Creating your own medicinal herb garden and connecting & creating activities.





Unit 2 - Women's health

We will be learning about herbs to gently regulate and support a healthy balanced cycle and women's health throughout all of their life cycles. Looking at some of the key underlying imbalances for common female related conditions, such as PMS, irregular bleeding, PCOS and endometriosis.

We will be exploring the importance of connecting with our cycle, cycle charting, connecting our cycle with the cycle of the moon and reclaiming the power of our menstruation and the role of yoni steaming.

The key herbal actions for supporting cycle balance include:



Uterine tonics

Reproductive herbs

Circulatory herbs


Activities: Creating your own herb garden, yoni steaming - creating your own steam blend, connecting and creating activities


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_The Kitchen Witch unit 2 image.png

Unit 3 - The Immune and Respiratory System



We will be learning about the common ailments

and therapeutic herbal actions for effective treatment of common respiratory ailments:

Including boosting the immune system

Natural treatment of fevers - The role of fever in infections

Herbal actions and therapeutics for:

Upper respiratory ailments; sinus and ear infections

Throat conditions

Lung conditions and the treatment of coughs

Herbal therapeutics for effective treatment of fevers

 to treat fever


Activities; Connecting and creating your own medicinal herb garden, creating cough syrups and lozenges, plus other making acvtivities.




Unit 4 - The Gut


The gut is central to the health of our whole being: all dis-ease begins with the gut.

We will be taking a deeper look at the various layers of digestion and the key aspects of digestive health:

Stomach acid

Gastric secretions

Liver health

Healthy bowel motions

Gut lining integrity

Healthy gut microbiome


Key herbal actions such as: Bitters, ant-acids, liver herbs such as choleretic, chologogue and hepatic, warming aromatics, demulcents, calminatives and pre and probiotic foods.

The gut - brain connection and the important role for

nervine herbs - the relax the nervous system for healthy

gut function.


Activities: Connecting and creating your own medicinal herb garden and the many ways to harvest and work with remedies from the beautiful Dandelion



Kitchen Witch unit 3 image.png
_Kitchen Witch unit 4 image (1).png

Unit 5 - The Skin - The Integumentary System


The skin is our largest organ of the body and a major pathway of elimination and detoxification.

We will be looking at the use of internal herbal remedies that open up the pathways of detoxification and reduce the toxin load from within the body for the treatment of skin conditions, such as:

Alterative, lymphatic, hepatic, diuretic and laxative herbs.

Plus the role of the nervous system.

External remedies; the role of topical (external) treatments such as infused oils, salves and ointments. The key herbs for wound healing, infection prevention and cooling, soothing treatments for the skin.

Activities: Connecting and creating your medicinal herb garden. The skin is a great area for medicine making for external use and the creation of your own home first aid kit. We will be completing our preparation of infused oils, making salves and ointments.



_Kitchen Witch unit 5 image.png

Unit 6 - The Nervous and Adrenal System


Modern living is highly stressful, more than ever our

nervous system needs nourishment and support to

function effectively and thrive.

We will be looking at being in fight - flight - freeze mode and the impact this has on our body.

The nervous system weaves into the treatment of every other body system and is a central area of treatment within holistic medicine.

We will look at restorative, relaxant, sedative, tonic

and stimulant herbs, along with the powerful adaptogenic

remedies for adrenal support.

Herbal treatments and remedies for  stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, insomnia etc


Activities; Connecting and creating your own medicinal herb garden. Creating your own dream pillow, blending and infusing sleepy and relaxation teas and oxymal preperations.

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Your Facilitators

Your Host Rachel Deering.png

Rachel Deering Bsc Hons NHAA

A naturopath, herbalist and educator with over 20 years clinical experience, specialising in educating and empowering women on hormonal health. 
After completing her studies, Rachel went on to work as an apprentice with 3rd generation herbalist Arthur Hyde in the UK.

 She went on to complete her studies in plant spirit medicine and shamanic plant healing in 2009 which brought her into a deeper energetic connection with the plants. This journey was an essential part of coming home to the land here in Australia.
Rachel was a herbal medicine lecturer for 10 years at the Australian Institute of holistic medicine.

She is deeply passionate about exploring and sharing all things plant medicine and healing!!

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Samantha Barker Adv. Dip
Sam is a qualified Naturopathic Herbalist, Green Witch, and Intuitive Healer. Owner and creator of Biophilia Apothecary. Samantha is an avid wildcrafter, forager and wild woman with a deep love and devotion to mama earth. Samantha marries the seen with the unseen in her magic offerings as a medicine woman; bridging the gap between the physical and spiritual plains. Samantha loves to garden and builds her relationships with the plants from the ground up. Naturopath, Green Witch and Intuitive Healer.

Passionate about medicinal gardening, wildcrafting and intuitive herbal medicine.

What are past students are saying about Kitchen Witch

 "Truly loved being in the beautiful magical container that Rachel & Sam created. They are both so knowledgeable and wise in their fields. I felt really supported and learnt so much about the healing benefits of herbal medicine and how we can incorporate this into daily life, from tea making, to oils, infusions, essences, growing your own plants and the connection to all the body systems. It's an excellent foundation for anyone looking to dive deeper into natural medicine or wanting to improve their health & learning how to support loved ones. I gained a lot of awareness around my own health and was able to practice using my intuition. There is fantastic access to print outs, videos, zoom recordings to replay. I cant recommend this course enough! Sam & Rachel compliment each other so well and keep it interesting all the way through, which is a true credit."

Jodie Carr - Perth

I truly want to thank yourself and Sam for putting the course together and for your teaching, support and immersive fun and learning over the last nine weeks. This course has provided me with a fantastic, fun and save beginning to my journey with plants and herbs and the ability to connect and share with others of the same interest in which to be able to inspire and learn from each other. I have gained a new found confidence and connection to myself and my world and my body. And more understanding of our country and how plants grow or can be found in our local areas. I have a clearer direction moving forward in my life for the next part of my journey. I have plenty of material to work through and rego through to create amazing medicines! You have presented a wealth of learning material and activities to instruct, partake in and inspire...... Thank you both again so very much!!! Warmly, Kirsten

Kirsten Schuman - Sydney

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