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Rachel Deering Bsc Hons

Hi, I'm Rachel and my life passion has been natural medicine and healing from a very young age. This has been a life long immersion into my own healing journey, studying and learning new skills to offer others for their healing journey.

This began with my herbal medicine studies which I started in 1997 at the age of 19 from which I am now a qualified and accredited Naturopath, with over 20 years experience, specialising in herbal and nutritional medicine. I have a Batchelor of Science Hons degree from Middlesex University in London and had the great fortune of embarking on an apprenticeship style training with 3rd generation herbalist Arthur Hyde on my graduation. I went on to become the owner operator of his busy UK based clinic, on his retirement back in 2002.


I then continued my studies with a graduate diploma of Acupuncture. At this time I worked as an educator, involved in writing course programs and training student naturopaths in the field of herbal medicine, for many years. 

I was a leading practitioner with The Lucy Rose clinic for a number of years, gifting me a wealth of experience in the treatment of  thyroid, adrenal and hormonal related health conditions, along with extensive pathology and functional testing knowledge. My specialist areas of clinical expertise are; women's health and hormonal balance. I am deeply passionate about educating and empowering women to become the master of their own health and wellness.

I have a deep passion for shamanic studies and energetic medicine, which took me on a journey of working with plant spirit medicine; a shamanic connection with the land and the plants and working with the healing power of the plant spirits. Shamanic breathwork healing was a powerful journey of healing for me and a practice I love to share with my clients for the profound healing it offers. From here, I had a deep calling to step into the feminine arts and explore deeper womb medicine. This has been deeply healing and a profound journey for me, I am now walking and sharing the pathway of feminine embodiment through my womb awakening journey. This was a deep call  to embody and anchor the Divine feminine within my womb and here on Earth, creating Sacred balance. Womb healing and womb Hara massage are the essential medicine for all women to reclaim the power of their womb and live an empowered & embodied life.

As a mother of two young adult children and four step children, I understands the many roles and demands in a woman's life. I love to support women to take the time out they need, understand their natural rhythms and body cycles, improve their self care and boundaries, and restore the balance in their lives. I love the power of breath-work, women's circles and womb healing to deepen the medicine for reclaiming your inner power, wisdom and soul purpose and I often weave  these practices in my treatment protocols.

I have journeyed to the depths of my core for my own healing and have acquired practices, skills and experience along the way, to support you on your healing journey and it would be a privilege for me to hold you and support you to live an awakened, embodied and life filled with self love and creative potential. 


I would love to support your wellness journey with the healing powers of nature!

Qualifications and experience

2002 - Bsc Hons degree in Herbal medicine at Middlesex University London
2002 - Herbal apprenticeship with Arthur Hyde - 3rd generation herbalist in Grantham UK
2007 - Herbal medicine lecturer at The Australian Institute of Holistic Medicine (AIHM) - training student naturopaths in herbal medicine - course writing and lecturing
2009 - Post graduate certificate of Acupuncture with AIHM
2009 - Further studies - Homeopathy and Nutrition to become a Naturopath through AIHM
2011 - Plant Spirit Medicine practitioner training with Eliot Cowan
2014 - Shamanic breathwork practitioner training with Claire Belton
2014 - Sacred contracts archetypal practitioner training with Carolyn Myss
2021 - Yoga teacher training with Beachside pilates and yoga wellness centre
2022 - Womb awakening practitioner training with Nat Love of The Institute of Feminine Arts
2023 - Womb Hara massage practitioner with Nat Love of The Institute of Feminine Arts


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