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Client Testimonials

What are Rachel's clients saying?

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We had been trying for a baby for a few years with no success and with no medical reasons as to why it wasn't happening. Within a few months of receiving naturopathic and acupuncture treatment at the clinic we had the joy of falling pregnant naturally. We were so happy to be pregnant and so grateful for Rachel's support throughout the process

— Lisa - Mandurah


I have to say I really wished I had found Rachel years ago it would of saved me from getting many side effects from a temperamental thyroid .Since January 2019 I’m having treatment, being advised by Naturopath Rachel Deering who turns out is a godsend.Years of trouble with my thyroid working fast, slow, Graves Disease , Vitiligo, Lichen planus and many other complaints it was like a shopping list that was sometimes even diagnosed as stress or “depression” ?I'm feeling 100% better since I’m under treatment at the Clinic and following Rachel's advice.Remember you have to do it all yourself keeping up with the diet , tablets etc.You can see a big improvement with my appearance , the Vitiligo looks less pronounced and the Lichen planus is slowly disappearing.Rachel, is very helpful and a good listener.Hope you all get healthy soon .

— Hilly - Perth


When I started seeing Rachel I was exhausted, so extremely tired, every little thing in my life felt like too much.

After doing some testing which showed my adrenals to be really fatigued. I started on a prescribed treatment plan, and started feeling so much better within about 4 weeks.

My energy and mood improved, I felt so much more resilient and balanced.

Life sent some real challenges at that time and I was so grateful for Rachel's support, I faced all the challenges with so much ease. If I hadn't been to see Rachel I really don't think I would have coped. The only issue was after three months treatment, I wasn't losing the excess weight I was carrying, so I followed her 21 day detox program and lost 6kgs in the 3 weeks - I was so happy and felt amazing!

— Leanne - Perth


I enquired as I had previous hysterectomy but was suffering with terrible brain fog and fatigue. At my first appointment with Rachel I completed some prescribed pathology testing. When we went through the results, Rachel prescribed me Vitamin D, Magnesium and the specially formulated supplements. I can honestly say that within around a month my brain fog disappeared and I had so much more energy. I now no longer need to lay down each afternoon from fatigue and I have so much more energy. I am so happy and grateful for Rachel's guidance and support.

— Nicole - Bussleton


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