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- Womb Awakening -

Remembering and activating the Sacred Feminine essence and Divine blueprint within your own personal womb restores you to the throne of your own power and re-connects deeply within the web of life - your Sacred birth-rite.


This medicine is for ALL women, who wish to connect deeply with their feminine centre, awaken the wisdom that resides within, open & surrender into the feminine flow of life...


This is your Divine birth-rite

And the time is now dear Sister

To reclaim your feminine power


This is a deep remembrance and re-weaving of your feminine wisdom


It is time to re-connect and celebrate the great blessing of being a women, the power of your body, your feelings and emotions.... 

Your womb is filled with creative birthing power,

the powers of release and renewal

Let us re-birth together and connect to the cyclical creative being you truly are

We all have the energy of a womb - even if we do not have a physical womb.......


Each journey begins with the first step, and as you begin this pilgrimage into your womb, step by step you will become more and more open. Your energy will flow freely again, you will harness your creative power and magnetise abundance and bounty into your life. ​

Remembering your inner wisdom, feminine intuition and trusting the voice of your womb.

There are many benefits of Womb Healing, Connection and Awakening, including:

 Womb healing from past trauma

 Awakened sexual energy

 Enlivened creativity and fertility

 Connection to feminine flow

 Balanced womb energy

 Clear decision making 

 Clear boundaries, energetically, emotionally, physically, sexually, spiritually 

 Cleared old energy from past lovers

 Menstrual health

 Attraction of healthy relationship.

 Increased libido

Healing and awakening 

Booking your Womb Healing;

Each session is 2 hours long, with a guided shamanic journey into the depths of your feminine consciousness and womb portal. This powerful healing will bring through the much needed medicine within for your highest healing.....

There will be time for intention setting and integration.


You can book an individual session $220

Or a pack of 3 sessions $555

Having 3 sessions is highly recommended, as most of us require more than one session and booking them as package gives the best results for you and I am here to support you on this journey...

All 3 sessions must be completed over the course of 8 weeks 

Shall we begin this journey, this pilgrimage back to your true Sacred origins.....

To book - click the link - book in a discovery call so we chat and connect and get you booked in for your journey.....I cannot wait to share this beautiful medicine with you dear sister.....


Rachel Deering Bsc Hons
Hi, I am Rachel and I have always been deeply inspired by the healing arts since a very young age. My journey began with my Herbal medicine degree in London in 1997 and became the owner operator of a busy clinic space after an apprenticeship with an Elder Herbalist in 2002.

From here I embarked on many years of shamanic studies, breath-work training and womb awakening. I have been blessed with many incredible teachers and have dived into the depths of my own edges along the journey.  Embodying the medicine I love to share with my Sisters for their healing journey -

Their remembrance of who they truly are!!!


This is my passion and life's work - to work in service of the Divine feminine - to anchor her in to my womb and here on Earth to re-create the Sacred balance of our world.
I would like to acknowledge one of my beautiful teachers, Nat Love of The Institute of Feminine Arts for her love, support and guidance along my journey and for entrusting me as an affiliate teacher within her Institute.
This work has come from the lineage and great works of Seren and Azra Bertram - authors of 'Womb Awakening' and 'The Magdalene Mysteries', the creators of Womb Awakening....

And it is my absolute privilege to share this beautiful feminine medicine with you as we dive into the depths of this powerful Womb Work....

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