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Cyclical Seasonal Wisdom!!

Autumn is a time of contraction when the days become shorter, the cold creeps in and our energy turns inward marking it a time of slowing down and introspection, to replenish our reserves.

In Chinese medicine, autumn is associated with the lungs and large intestine.

The lungs and large intestine are associated with grief and sadness, it's important to take time to honour and acknowledge our emotions. As nature lets go in the season of autumn and sheds the old, it is a good time to let go of things weighing you down, and make space for new experiences you can learn and grow from.

If you are prone to lung weaknesses, like asthma or breathing problems or skin conditions like eczema, they might worsen in autumn. As a general rule, here are some great tips to help you live in harmony with the season of autumn.

Breathe Deeply

One of the best ways to strengthen the lungs is to breathe deeply. It sounds so simple but most of us don’t breathe deeply at all and this can affect things like our immune system, energy, and sleep. When we breathe deeply and with intention, we are flushing our cells with the oxygen needed for all body processes. The best thing to do is go outside for a walk in the brisk autumn air and take long, slow breaths while we’re out.

Let Go Of Negativity In Your Life

This is particularly important through the season of autumn when lung energy is at it's peak....

Re-Organise, Clean & Donate

Usually, we think of doing these things in Spring, but actually autumn is a really good time to refocus of lives on letting go of the old and making room for the new. Go through your closet and donate all the clothes you don’t wear anymore. Be ruthless. If you haven’t worn it in a year, you probably never will. Go though your computer and delete files you don’t have need for anymore. Sort and organise clutter.

Wear A Scarf

Because Autumn is a season of wind – in Chinese medicine considered the cause of 100 diseases – a simple thing like wearing a scarf can ward off cold which is said to enter most easily through the neck.

Beneficial Foods In Autumn

Warming foods likes soups, stews and roasts are best for the cooler Autumn months. Longer cooking times and heartier ingredients are recommended to nourish the body and because autumn is a season associated with wind and dryness, it is important to eat moistening yin foods like mushrooms and cabbage.

Best Vegetables & Fruits for Autumn

  • Eat plenty of seasonal vegetables, especially steamed and veggies in soups.

  • Pungent veggies that help stimulate the lungs, such as watercress, cabbage, turnip, ginger, horseradish, pepper, onions, and garlic.

  • Fermented vegetables which are easier to digest and help protect Spleen Qi.

  • Avoid foods that build dampness, such as noodles, potatoes, bread, bananas, flours, sugar, processed.

  • Enjoy healthy oils like grass-fed ghee, coconut oil, olive oil, sesame oil.

  • Simmer a few herb teas such as Burdock, Comfrey, Ginger, and Licorice root.

  • Eat warm foods like bone broth, stews, soups, and hot gluten-free cereals.

  • Eat beans, such as lentils, kidney beans, adzuki beans, always well soaked.

  • These herbs and spices are good for the lungs: bay leaves, caraway seeds, cardamom, chives, cinnamon, cloves, dill, fennel, leek, oregano, nutmeg, rosemary, thyme, and turmeric.

Autumn is all about being able to assimilate all of the beauty, the gifts and the accomplishments that we've made over the last cycle of life and letting go of anything we don't need as we move into the winter months........

So let's Reflect on the gifts and accomplishments we've made

Shed and Release all that no longer serves Rest & Restore our inner reserves....

So we feel replenished and revitalised and ready to burst into life for the next cycle of creativity when Spring returns........

If you are wanting further health support throughout the season of Autumn, through herbal and /or acupuncture online or reach out with your

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