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8 Key Steps To Healing Your Thyroid

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

It is possible to heal your thyroid, here are the key essential treatment solutions your thyroid needs!

Thyroid: This butterfly shaped gland in your neck is responsible for creating energy and powering metabolism in your body. Dysfunction is common, my clinical experience has shown an overwhelming number of women to be experiencing undiagnosed thyroid issues and suboptimal thyroid function, this can cause debilitating symptoms: brain fog, fatigue, weight gain and overwhelm, plus much more.

You can get the help you need, remember GPs and endocrinologists are not trained in nutritional medicine therefore can't offer the same type of treatment as a naturopath. If you have been told your labs are normal by your GP, that means you need someone who can provide deeper testing and screening, treat sub-optimal imbalances with correctional doses of nutrients.


Iodine Deficiency: This essential metabolism mineral is commonly deficient and the leading underlying cause of thyroid disorders. Iodine is an essential component for the bodies manufacture of the main thyroid hormones; T4 and T3. Iodine deficiency causes thyroid enlargement - goitre, nodule and cyst formation of the thyroid tissue. Iodine is essential for healthy thyroid tissue and optimal thyroid function. A simple urine test for Iodine deficiency, can determine the correct dosage of Iodine supplementation required, consume an Iodine rich diet: seaweeds, fish Essential co-factors: These are often deficient and sub optimal causing thyroid dysfunction; Vitamin D, Iron, Magnesium, Zinc and Selenium - supplement with essential co-factor minerals at the correct doses. Elimination diet: Eliminate gluten and dairy, alcohol, sugars and processed foods from the diet Gut support: optimal gut function is essential to balance our immune and hormonal system - eliminating key irritating/reactive foods will restore the gut lining reduce any leaky gut issues. Take 1 tsp apple cider vinegar in warm water in the mornings to switch on digestion

Rock salt: Have at least 1tsp ROCK salt in the diet daily, this supports the elimination of toxin such as Bromide, which cause damage to the thyroid tissue and block the bodies absorption of the essential Iodine mineral. Filter water - eliminate tap water to avoid consuming high levels of Fluoride and Chloride - these chemicals will block the bodies absorption of Iodine and have a toxic effect on the thyroid gland

Functional Testing - a full thyroid blood profile is essential testing necessary to ascertain accurate function of the thyroid gland. Test for antibodies to determine any underlying autoimmune condition for thyroid disease. Auto-immunity is necessary to determine and will effect the treatment protocols. Thyroflex testing; an accurate reflex speed test to determine cellular function of the thyroid hormones Nervous and adrenal system support: Stress is always a major contributing factor. Key mineral support can be essential to restore nervous system and adrenal function, such as Magnesium, B Vitamins, Zinc. Many herbs have a restorative action to the adrenals and improve our resilience to stress. It is essential to manage stress levels, support the nervous and adrenal system to boost energy and resilience within the body. Mindfulness, yoga and meditation are essential tools to reduce the stress response, support relaxation of the nervous system and restore adrenal function. Adrenal issues will directly effect thyroid function.

If you suffer from any of these thyroid symptoms, I cannot stress enough the importance of an in depth testing of your thyroid function. You deserve the answers to why you are feeling as you do. You can start to feel amazing and love your life again with the right treatment for YOU! BOOK NOW - For your free 30 min consultation:

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