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Shamanic Breathwork Healing.......

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Powerful - Transformational - Healing

What is Breathwork

Breathwork is a conscious connected cyclical breathing technique that allows you to move into an altered state of consciousness.

This opens you up to the wisdom within your body and to Spirit...

It is here that you are able to access repressed memories, stuck emotion and stored trauma....

The power of your breath will allow these old stuck energies to be acknowledged, expressed and released......bringing you back to energetic balance, a sense of wellbeing, inner peace and spaciousness in your body and mind.

The breathwork journey will open you to the support and guidance of the unseen world, gifting you insight, wisdom and deeper understanding around your life's journey, past hurts, stories and the healing and transformation required for you to open to your highest potential...

Activating your natural and innate capacity for healing and transformation!!

Benefits of breathwork - this powerful healing container has so many health benefits, supporting you to feel connected, centred and renewed......

  • Reduces stress

  • Bringing about a sense of wellness and wellbeing

  • Creating clarity of thoughts and a sense of direction, connected with your life purpose

  • Overcoming crisis

  • Reclaiming personal power

  • Creating success

  • Balancing emotions

  • Healing depression and/or trauma

  • Overcome health challenges, physical or emotional

  • Reduce insomnia, anxiety and panic attacks

  • Tapping into your own emotional intelligence and intuition

  • Overcoming addiction

When you focus your attention on your breath, the magic starts unfolding.

You connect to the inner wisdom and guidance of your body, and by doing so you start to gain:

  • A blissful sense of tension release, deep relaxation and detachment

  • Clarity of thought and deeper insights into the true meaning and purpose of your life

  • Clearing of blocked emotions bringing about a sense of incredible relief

  • A sense of coming home, of belonging and of being supported

  • A purposeful connection to the web of life, and the part you play in it

  • A new sense of aliveness, a feeling of being re-birthed into new life

  • Increase of energy, vitality, and passion for life

Breathwork is a powerful transformative process that can support you to clear unresolved issues, expressed repressed emotions and dissolve limiting beliefs. Freeing yourself from the unhealthy attachment to past events, allowing you to access your essential nature.

Breathwork is a safe and simple yet powerful journey of self-discovery and personal healing. Gifting you deeper insight and a renewed perspective into your life's journey....inspiring you to feel passionate and motivated to fulfil your deepest dreams and desires, unlocking your highest potential.

How it works

A session runs for approximately 90 - 120 minutes.

I begin by opening sacred space to create a safe and sealed container of support for this transformational journey. I will then begin guiding you into a relaxed and meditative state, bringing you into conscious connected circular breathing, this is the doorway to a deeper state of awareness.

Music is an essential part of this journey and will be incorporated into the session.

I will do a shamanic journey to the realm of ‘non-reality’ to receive messages, guidance and insight into the medicine your soul needs for healing. I work with tools such as breathing techniques, the drum, rattle, crystals, and hands-on touch to explore where the energetic imbalances/blocks are held within to bring balance back into your body, mind and soul.

At the end of a session there is time to journal and draw to process the insights from your journey. Anyone can do breathwork. You have been breathing all your life. This is your opportunity to breathe with awareness and intention … and experience the magic unfold.


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